A downloadable demo

Project Godspeed is an in development roguelike game.

This demo won audiences choice in the Bit1 2022 competition, and is available to download for free.

Feedback welcome, contact us at teamdatavi@gmail.com

Version 0.1.9: New starting weapon, added item info and floating damage numbers

Version 0.1.8: New pickup sprites and the first 2 power-ups

Version 0.1.6: Sprite and hitbox adjustments, control changes and controller support

Version 0.1.5: Bug fixes

Version 0.1.4: Sprite updates and level generation testing

Version 0.1.3: Bug fixes

Version 0.1.2: Weapon remasters, bug fixes and other balance changes

Version 0.1.1: Bug fixes and difficulty adjustments


Godspeed Demo.zip 45 MB

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Download and extract zip-file

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